SheetStay - Bed Sheet Slip-Resistant Clip Set (4pcs.)

  • $19.95

Imagine laying or sitting on your bed without leaving behind nasty butt imprints and untidy wrinkles. With SheetStay, it's now easier than ever to keep a nice and tidy home with beds that are made 24/7 even after sitting or jumping on them.

SheetStay - Bed Sheet Slip-Resistant Clip Set will keep your bed looking clean and classy even when the occupants aren’t. Simply put the base under the mattress, fold the sheet over & put the plug to secure the sheet in position. Simple installation in no time and most of all, no need to lift your heavy mattresses.


  • No More Messy Unmade Beds - These amazing clips give you the option to eliminate untidy and wrinkled bed by pulling the sheets tight and pinning them down so they stay that way
  • Eliminates Wrinkled Furniture - Not only do these clips work wonders on beds, but they also keep furniture with fabric from becoming broken in, saggy, or with butt imprints. Keep it fresh for years!
  • No Need to Lift Heavy Mattresses - Unlike most sheet grippers on the market, these bedsheet holders do not require lifting your mattress every time you change your sheets. 
  • Perfect for All Beds - These bed sheet clips can be installed in any corner or side of the bed making it great for any bed size, full, king, queen, toddler or hospital bedding sets.
  • Easy to Install - With non-slip base design. Simply insert the base under the mattress, position the sheet over and put the plug to pin down the sheet and secure it in position.
  • 4 Pieces Per Set - Package comes with 4 pcs of base and clips to accommodate all 4 corners of your bed

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