Pregenie - Maternity Jean Wear Solution

  • $14.95

Expectant Moms Are Loving This! Turn Your Pants Into Maternity Wear Instantly!

Can’t fit anymore into your favorite pair of pants? Not to worry, Pregenie - Maternity Jean Wear Solution can help you slip into them to make you feel free and fit once again. Pregenie is a maternity-specific waistband extender that fits and extends any type of trousers, jeans, and pants with buttons.

Pregenie is the easiest and most comfortable solution to instantly turn button-fastening/ slide-fastening pants, jeans and skirts into maternity/larger sized wear. Simply fasten it with your pant's button and buttonhole to hold your pants close.


  • Ideal for Pregnancy - Easily turns your pre-pregnancy pants/jeans into maternity pants with flexible waistband extender. No need to buy extra maternity pants.

  • Highly Elastic Band - Made of elastic band that can highly expand without deforming.

  • Adjustable Extension Length - There are multiple notches on the elastic band. Button up with the desired notch to fit a wide variety of pants and accommodate the growing belly.

  • 100% Cotton - Comfortable and soft to wear without irritating your skin.

  • Easy to Wear & Remove - Simply buttons up to adjust the tightness. No need to be sewn on
  • Solves Belly Problem - Also ideal for people who have a beer belly or who got a weight gain temporarily.

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