GardenRaise - Raised Fabric Planting Bed

  • $19.99

GardenRaise - Raised Fabric Planting Bed will be perfect for your Garden.


Raised bed gardens are one of the best ways to garden. Not only are the savings on water and fertilizers great, but raised beds also create the ideal soil environment for organic and no-till garden systems. The GardenRaise combines the benefits of aeration with it's raised bed construction that requires no tools and can be put up in a matter of minutes.

Our garden planting beds are made from the best materials to keep your plants healthy and safe. They're super easy to set up in no time just unfold, add soil of your choice and plant whatever you like! 


  • Better Plant Growth - With easy access to oxygen and excellent drainage, our flower beds allow plant roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe for better overall plant health. They look healthier and last longer.
  • Quality Material - Our flower beds are made from renowned durable geotextile that's highly durable. Lasting you for years of continuous gardening. Never worry about any rips or tears in your flower beds.
  • Easy Setup - Simply open out your flower bed, add any soil of your choice and start planting. It's the most convenient method to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits without paying thousands.

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