EasyGrip - Multipurpose Heat Shrink Anti-skid Wrap

  • $12.99

The best way to add new life to old, worn-out grips!

EasyGrip -  Multipurpose Heat Shrink Anti-skid Wrap is a great choice to rejuvenate your old, worn-out fishing grips. It works on cork, hypalon and cork tape. It also works extremely well on new customized applications. It is the perfect product to use when building a reel seat-less rod. It has a soft feel which will reduce fatigue on the angler when fighting fish.

This non-slip wrap tube easily shrinks to fit your rod when heated. Manufactured from a special irradiation cross-linked polymer alloy, followed by a special surface treatment. It provides a durable decorative diamond surface finish with increased friction and anti-slip properties. With a wide variety of use, you can use it not only on fishing rods but also in a tennis racket, badminton racket, baseball bat, hockey stick, tool handles, and more.

EasyGrip increases the friction to the smooth surface, thus making it safe and non-slip. With this useful handle grip, you can enjoy your fishing or sports activities better. 


  • Replace worn out cork, hypalon and cork tape fishing grips
  • Can also be used on racket, baseball bat, hocket stick, tool handle and more
  • Use on new custom rods
  • Use on projects that require a new grip
  • Can be cut according to needs
  • Heavy wall thicknesses
  • Environmentally friendly PE
  • Shrinking temperature of 150° F
  • Easy to install and shrink to fit using a heat gun, hot water, blow dryer, or fire
  • 2:1 Shrink Ratio
  • 40" section length

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