BedBud - Portable Baby Bed Nest Easy Carry-on Bag

  • $39.99

Your on-the-go baby bed!

Traveling with a baby can be tough especially when naptime comes and there is no carriage. That’s why we’ve made Bedbud, the baby bed that can easily set up everywhere!

It folds and straps just like a backpack to be easily carried anywhere! When your baby gets sleepy you can put it on the ground and vualá, you have a cozy bed at your side.

Our simple innovation will save you from all the inconveniences that babies bring with them when traveling. Bedbud will keep your baby in a tranquil slumber no matter where you go!


  • A Bed for Everywhere - Bedbud sets up at will as a convenient changing station or a comfy bed so your toddler can have a place to rest wherever you go.
  • Makes Traveling With a Baby Easier - You can take it anywhere with you as it folds like a backpack. Life’s easier when you don’t have to worry where the kid will rest next!
  • A Safe Place for Baby - Comes with built-in mosquito net and sidewall to keep baby stay on the bed.
  • Nap Like a Champ- Just like a secluded nest, Bedbud is cozy and discrete to create a peaceful setting even in the outdoors!
  • Instant Bed - Your toddler will always have a cozy place to sleep on your travels so both of you can rest easily!

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