AirCapsule - Sports Wireless Earphones With Capsule Case

  • $34.99

Check our new AirCapsule - Sports Wireless Earphones With Capsule Case Simple and convenient with the ultimate external storage charging and touch control function.


The Earphones are designed independently of one another and can be used separately. A headphone is connected to a mobile phone. Equivalent to two independent Bluetooth headphones or two headphones can be used together. Cool watch breathing light, classic blue light, between two breaths


  • AirCapsule - Sports Wireless Earphones Design - It has the ultimate external storage and charging function, with touch control function, simple and convenient. 15mm ultra-small body, unique clock breathing light, second-generation Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 8D stereo high-fidelity bass surround.
  • Binaural separation Design - The earphone is designed independently and can be used alone. A headset is connected to a mobile phone; it is equivalent to two independent Bluetooth headsets, or two headsets can be used together.
  • Ergonomic Design -The in-ear angle is 30°, it will not fall when worn on the ear, and it will automatically open, even if it is taken out, it can be connected and the battery level of the phone can be displayed.
  • High-fidelity Sound Quality - Adaptive noise reduction, waterproof and dustproof functions. Whether it is sweating in the gym or outdoor exercise in the rain, it will not cause damage to the headset.
  • Silicone Earmuffs - The headphone head wears soft natural silicone earmuffs. Even if you wear the earphones for a long time, it will not cause bad conditions such as ear pain.


  • 1 * charging compartment 70g
  • 1 * data cable
  • 3 * ear cap
  • 2 * Space Headphones 8g
  • 1 * Instructions


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